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Our Story

There's a gap between the digital resources that organizations have and the resources that they need.
We fill that gap.

Who We Are

After working inside higher education for many years, we believed there was a better way to execute successful digital strategy and fulfill creative needs. That experience launched Knowble Media in 2011 as a creative digital partner for colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations.

What We Do

You know that thing you need? That's what we do. Whether it's redesigning your website, creating a digital recruitment strategy, producing video for a capital campaign, or building the next-generation interactive display in your campus-center - let's get started.


  • collaborative (there's nothing we like better)
  • responsive (we can move with you)
  • personal (let's have coffee)
  • innovative (some call it leading edge)
  • honest (sometimes, too honest)
  • funny (that's up to you)


Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe.

- H.G. Wells

Our Expertise

Think of us like a digital tailor. Every project is designed from scratch and nothing ever comes off the rack.
Our work is always custom made.

Digital Strategy

Progressive digital strategy is what connects colleges and universities with prospects, students, parents, faculty and alumni. Listen. Research. Collaborate.

Video & Animation

Video is at our core. There isn't a better way to tell your story. High-quality video captures the personality of the people that make your organization unique.

Web Development

We've been building dot EDUs for a long time. We know how to work successfully with a campus community to build a website that reflects the institution. On time and on budget.

Open Source CMS

Content management is critical to educational organizations. We believe that open source solutions are what you should be using. We specialize in Drupal and Wordpress.

Graphic Identity

Every project we work on has a unique design. Whether it's web, animation or mobile. We're experienced in working with existing brand standards and creating a unique visual identities.

Campus Tours

A virtual campus tour is the cornerstone of an excellent admission website. We develop custom tours that incorporate 3-D maps, guided tours, and social media.

Experience-Based Media

The space where digital meets physical is exciting. We develop touch-screen experiences that provide immersive experiences for campus visitors and residents alike.

The Next big Idea

If our team gets talking long enough we will inevitably end up on one subject. The next horizon. We love being challenged with new ideas and spending time moving them to reality.

Work is love made visible.

- Kahlil Gibran


Seeing is believing.
We hope you have fun exploring our work.

Video Reel

Grab some popcorn, dim the lights and get comfortable. When you're done watching, share this video with your college president. Seriously.


We’re really easy to talk to. We promise. We love meeting new people and helping get big ideas off the ground. Let’s talk.

Phone : 650.924.2634

Email : info@knowblemedia.com

Locations : Ohio + Minnesota

Meet The Team

Since you made it all the way to the bottom, let's connect.
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bob Rafferty

Bob Rafferty

Co-Founder + Principal

Ross Ballinger

Ross Ballinger

Co-Founder + Producer

Ben McCombs

Ben McCombs

Developer +
Digital Strategist

Ross Ballinger

Russ Cotner

Digital Mapping +
Special Projects

More Than An Office

Knowble has offices in Columbus, Ohio and Rochester, Minnesota. We believe in collaboration so much that we created a Co-Working space in Columbus and occupy a similar space in Rochester.

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