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Our Story

Knowble Media was established in 2010 as a digital communications partner for higher education, health care, and non-profits.

What We Do

We use strong design principals, creative video direction, and leading-edge web development standards to create digital experiences designed to strengthen brand position, achieve communication goals, and exceed expectations.

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is one of collaboration. We've seen time and again that when the right people are aligned in the right way, great things happen. We believe that smaller is better, and that specialization leads to successful outcomes.


  • collaborative (there's nothing we like better)
  • responsive (we can move with you)
  • personal (let's have coffee)
  • innovative (some call it leading edge)
  • honest (sometimes, too honest)
  • funny (that's up to you)


Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe.

- H.G. Wells

Our Expertise

Think of us like a digital tailor. Every project is designed from scratch and nothing ever comes off the rack.
Our work is always custom made.

Creative Direction + Strategy

We work with our clients to create experiences that build their brands and achieve communication & marketing goals. We believe that creativity combined with leading-edge strategy makes for powerful end results.

Video + Animation

There isn't a better way to tell your story. High-quality video captures the personality of the people that make your organization unique. From campaigns to commercials - we write, direct, and produce.

Web Design + CMS Development

We design and develop progressive websites for many different CMS platforms. Our scope of work can vary greatly - from full-scale institutional redesigns to targeted campaign sites for fundraising and recruitment goals.

The Next big Idea

We've built touch screen experiences, written financial aid calculators, designed an admission visit scheduling tool, and created our own campus mapping platform. We love being challenged with new ideas.

Work is love made visible.

- Kahlil Gibran


Seeing is believing.
We hope you have fun exploring our work.

Video Reel

Grab some popcorn, dim the lights and get comfortable.


We’re really easy to talk to. We promise. We love meeting new people and helping get big ideas off the ground. Let’s talk.

Phone : 650.924.2634

Email : info@knowblemedia.com

Locations : Ohio + Minnesota

Meet The Team

Since you made it all the way to the bottom, let's connect.
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bob Rafferty

Bob Rafferty

Co-Founder + Principal

Ross Ballinger

Ross Ballinger

Co-Founder + Producer

Ben McCombs

Ben McCombs

Developer +
Digital Strategist

Ben McCombs

Luke Deady

Creative Director +
Lead Designer

Ben McCombs

Tracy Daly

Project Manager +

More Than An Office

Knowble has offices in Columbus, Ohio and Rochester, Minnesota. We believe in collaboration so much that we created a Co-Working space in Columbus and occupy a similar space in Rochester.

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